Exciting Veola variations

Fabrics are produced by a variety processes, including weaving, circular knitting or flat knitting. Each of these processes require different kind of yarn characteristics in terms of twist properties and surface coating.

Our range of Veola yarns are suitable for all these applications. Typically characterized as waxed or unwaxed, Veola yarns are suitable for knitting and weaving applications respectively.



In Medieval times, Channel Islands was famous for its knitting trade and because of that original fame, the term jersey is still applied to many forms of knitted fabric, round or flat.

Considered as simple and yet most challenging knit fabric, Veola provides structural stability, unblemished surface appearance, sheen and visual delight to Jersey fabrics and gels homogenously with high end spandex yarn to cater to high end applications.

Suitable for wide range of gauge and weights, Jersey fabrics derive their delight from Veola.


Human skeletal system has 12 ribs to complete the structure of chest and Ribs primarily perform the function to provide the stability and erectness. Look around yourself and there are tales to affiliate and relate to in each and every sphere.

Veola provides just sufficient stiffness for welts and close knitted garments.


Structures define the moods and moments.

Veola helps to create & demonstrate the structures with it's distinct twist and turns to provide the comfort and functional properties.


Derived from Italian word Papalino, Poplin indicates the fabrics, which is as pure and simple as Sunlight. It is comfortable & breathable and rib variation of weave provides slightly ridge effect. The smooth unblemished and un-waxed characteristic of Veola provides excellent drape to Poplins suitable for high end cotton shirting in tropical regions.


Known to have originated from Cambrai, France, it is lightweight clothing with dyed warp and greige filling and low hairiness of Veola, which provides the desired lustrous appearance to the fabric, giving it a very rich look.


Oxford weaves inherit their roots to UK and surface provide a grainy appearance, which is appropriately provided by the twist of Veola yarns.