Indorama has always embraced the environmental excellence by offering high performance sustainable textile raw material built around environment which is socially responsible, environmentally and economically sound.

Our manufacturing process revolves around core elements of embracing environmentally conscious & friendly design and selection of machines, which has proven ability to reduce, reuse and/or recycle.

This is achieved by careful selection of equipment and partnering with green technology suppliers.

Veola is proudly produced on Rieter's ring spinning frames. These are very long machines combined with efficient 4 spindle drives ensures low energy consumption, thus reducing the carbon footprints of Veola, hence the eventual garment. The manufacturing process of Veola involves compacting of fibrous flies into yarn strand, which means the department if free from fluffs/flies etc., which can potentially pose respiratory system related health hazards.


Besides the technology selection, the manufacturing plant incorporates.

  • Air Handling Plant – Equipped with Rotary drum (RA, return air) filters with high density foam filter media, which ensures air re-circulated air is 100% free from micro dust
  • Waste Recycling Plant – The fiber mixing waste is cleaned and over 80% of the material fed is recovered and used as raw material for special process.
  • Dye House – Veola is also offered as dyed yarn in the tailor made shades and our wet processing plant is equipped with waste water treatment plant, which uses “DAF” (dissolved air floatation) technology along with biological process to get treated water quality well below administrative norms.
  • ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) has sludge belt press and drier system to reduce the generated sludge volume by almost 95%.
  • The machine cooled water is collected and recycled for processing.

Our general office stationary involves the use of Biodegradable ink and glue, besides the continuous efforts to reduce the use of paper by electronic modes of communication.

Testimony to our commitments for environmental and industrial safety standards are the accreditations and certifications by Bureau Veritas.

  • OHSAH 18001 :1999 – Accorded for complying with occupational health and safety practices.
  • ISO 14001 :2004 – Accorded for complying with Environmental Management Systems (EMS).